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Bill & Ted Face the Music - Killer Android - Heads, Hoods & Guns

I'm extremely excited to have been a part of the @billandted3 film franchise! Growing up in the 80's was an amazing time for film, not just for the iconic creature FX, but for the fun nature of the stories, and the Bill & Ted films really show a genuine enthusiasm for playfulness. Thank you @stevewangcreaturecreator for bringing me onto the film! It was a pleasure getting to work under your art direction and supervision to help design the killer robot named Dennis Caleb McCoy, played by the talented and hilarious actor Anthony Carrigan / @carriganagain !
A huge thank you to all the @theonyxforgeofficial crew for the incredible effort put forth to produce this suit on such an expedited schedule, and also an apology for designing everyone into a corner of intricate fabric complexity, internal lighting and overlapping forms! I was blown away to see something I helped so extensively to design come together. Everything that went into the fabric patchwork of alternating materials was the core of this design, and I couldn't have been more excited to see it materialize with the help of @lemyhime , @whatisacleve , @tiannamercedes , @quirkymonster , @emily.dorosky , Mike Deak , @carlosbeastart , @nicholaswinstead , @eccreations , @kylemarzigliano , @alewisart and of course, @bcorso for helping to bring this project to ONYX FORGE STUDIO! (Please let me know who I've missed in crediting so I can update the post to add you!)

Here are some of the head and hood concept exploration, plus a couple really fast weapon concepts that were needed last minute.

A Spoiler Link to all the Scenes of this character in the Bill & Ted 3 film on Youtube: